It starts with your mind

About Sane Buds

In the unmaking journey project, the first focus is the mind. They say a refined mind is a refined world and we couldn’t agree less. Every other thing goes wrong when your mind is a daze and that’s why it gets so hard to want to take another breath sometimes. I know how it feels. Let’s get things straightened out from the beginning. This blog post will get you started out.

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The mildest sounds the loudest

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Do you know things gain more perspective when you’re looking at it close up? I bet you do. Now do you know it could also make so much of a big deal when you’re not looking at it at all. That sounds tacky but  that’s what I’ve come to discover in my own unmaking journey. There’s the beauty that comes from listening to the things that can normally go unnoticed and you will find out here.

NB: This section can look strange but as it implies, it can make the loudest noise

Give creativity enough space

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I believe strongly in the power of creativity. One of my sites will be non-existent if I didn’t actually. Someone wisely said that creativity is a beautiful mix of pain and distinction. Creativity in this context means adaptivity. I don’t want to go right out and refer to it as adaptivity because it could hamper down on the whole buzz around this section. What’s so unique about creativity on this journey? Great question. That’s why this blog post will give you just the right answer to go with you on this journey. What’s more? It has a free eBook attached.

Remember, creativity is a beautiful mix of pain and distinction.

Give time its due honour

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Someone wise once said time is more worthy of the honour it gets, but on this project we’re going to correct that. It’s a journey, an unmaking journey for that matter. You’ll unlearn many things and learn more. I’ll be a great deciever if I told you my courses or blog post will cover all there is to know in your unmaking journey. In fact, your learning period goes to infinity. However, one thing is sure. Because you can master the technique to follow through in every new phase (I call it the key ingredient), you’ll be well on your way. 

Here's where you'll get a glimpse of what that technique looks like.

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