About Sane buds

Do you know,

Time can heal all your wounds but you alone can learn from the scars​

For everyone. there is a journey. On every journey, there is a story. In every story, there is a lesson. From every lesson, there is a sane bud

Everyone has a journey but, sadly, not everyone will finish sane. We all have issues we want to stop from happening, but somehow life could be dragging them for a long time without batting an eye. Sometimes the thing about life that gets us hyper are speaking truths we need to sit to listen to. If we could only listen up, perhaps our lives will get more favourable. They say life is a journey and in this journey you’re made into different things, and sometimes irreconcilable things. I say let’s start an Unmaking Journey then.

Here are some quick facts I've come to realise

The mind is like space

It has the ability to digest as many things as possible and sometimes, it can get out of control

You can control the filter system

Because it has so many things coming and going doesn't mean just anything should get in

It has the abilty to bend to your will

You can master your mind in a way that you're living the life God wants you to, correctly

What is an unmaking journey?

An unmkaing journey can mean different things to different types of poeple

One thing is certain, for every one, this journey needs an adequate dose of the following:

hiker, hiking, backpacker



The one person you want to be to start up a new journey from what happened before to what can happen after

Sane Buds are those who can win in life every single time and do so amidst life's challenges

They are humans too

Before you start to think sane buds are super-humans who got some superpower and difficulty is somehow far, think again.

Yes, there is the ultimate superpower in the picture, God, but then, a sane bud is also flesh and blood like you and I. 

Life happens to them too

They go through the everyday challenges like everyone. Major challenges pop up in their world a few times too.

They lose a loved one, have money issues, fall sick, have stress issues, etc, just like you and I. 

They learn to rise above, everytime

Amidst everything, a sane bud rises up from every single challenge because they are able to master the little things. 

They understand that the things that come and go only stay for a while and their lives should not go with the wind

Here are two reasons why
you are better off as a sane bud

About Sane Buds

In this world, two types of people exist

  1. Those who know how to own their minds
  2. Those who watch the tide and fall before challenges

I bet you want to be part of the first category and that’s why you need to get on the unmaking journey

You have a purpose for your life

Whether it feels like it right now or not, I’ll be a total sweetheart and go right ahead to tell you – you have a purpose. That purpose won’t be fulfiling itself anytime soon and the world isn’t going to wrap up either. You need a leverage, you need to be a sane bud.

About sane buds

Hi there, I'm Sharon

I’m the founder of Sane Buds on a Journey and it is a project very dear to my heart. It’s one of the affiliates of “The Sharon Adikpe company”, and you’re welcome to check out my other sites in the footer section.

This site actually has a story. I lost my dad some years back and coming back up took some time. I felt unmade after the journey and that’s where the phrase, “the unmaking journey” was birthed.

I decided it would be great to create a platform to help others on their own journey and that’s how Sane buds on a journey came about. 

I’m still on this journey and that’s the exciting charm about things. However, despite the set backs that I still face, I’ve discovered a system to always get back on my feet. 

I’m a sane bud on a journey and I welcome you to come along with me. Will you join me?

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Ready to start your unmaking journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Basically, the target audience are divided into three; people trying to recover from grief (teenagers, adults and even parents), people who are trying to start over after an episode of depression (whether they just finished rehab, or need a community to start over again), and thirdly, people who want the daily fixing to own their mental and emotional strength.

Hey, Sharon here. My reason for starting up this site is founded upon the understanding that when life is a mess, we can decide our lives can take a different turn. With God’s help, I have learnt some massive things on my own unmaking journey and I am still learning.  The principle employed in the unmaking journey is that you can be in control of your mind and difficulties shouldn’t mess things up at random.

Some of the tools include; courses. books written by me and a membership platform for premium contents. Free contents include: blog posts, free eBooks, podcasts and videos.

Content questions

Blog posts go out twice a week. Posts on both the unmaking journey from depression and daily fixing are substituted for the other every two weeks. Other content forms  go out biweekly for now.

Hi, Sharon here. I write the Books as I am an author, combined with being a content creator. My first book will be up soon and you can look out for that. On the side, free eBooks will go out from time to time so you can look out for them.

Hi again, Sharon here. They will be up as soon as things have been put in place. There are so many things the episodes will feature and you can sign up here to get notified when we launch.