Ready for your unmaking journey?

For everyone, there is a journey. For every journey, there is a story. In every story, there is a lesson. From every lesson, there is a sane bud

Everyone has a journey but, sadly, not everyone will finish sane. We all have issues we want to stop from happening, but somehow life could be dragging them for a long time without batting an eye. Sometimes the thing about life that gets up hyper are speaking truths we need to sit to listen to. If we could only listen up, perhaps our lives will get more favourable. They say life is a journey and in this journey you’re made into different things, something irreconcilable. I say let’s start an Unmaking Journey then.

Your mind is a wave but the route it takes can lead to an intentional destination as long as there is an effective filter system

The Sharon Adikpe company
The Aim

With the discovery that it takes your cooperation to get to your life, you can be a sane buds on this unmaking journey

It's not the end after you lose someone. It can be a beginning

After the loss of my dad, it looked like life stopped at my doorstep and stepped just right by, but thankfully I’ve come to understand how it can be a beginning.

Depression is a response to your heart cry

But you got it figured out the wrong way. It’s not too late for an unmaking journey. You just need another understanding

Let's fix the daily things

You’re nailing it right now and there’s a community of supporters to make sure every wrong step can be unmade going forward

Time can heal all your wounds but you alone can learn from the scars

Project: The Unmaking Journey

Sane buds on a journey

In the unmaking journey project, the centre is the mind. Each blog post, newsletter and time spent tells the adventure the mind can take because of a decision to start again

Sane buds on a journey

With a focus on the little things that seems to sound the loudest, we refocus our perspective and see what there is to learn from the scars

Sane buds on a journey

Time is a commodity that looks rather scarce. In this project like in many, it’s of the greatest importance.

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